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Official Chinese Exam

  • HSK Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi HSK
    Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the standardised national test used to determine the fluency of non-native speakers of Chinese.
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  • HSKK HSK Speaking Test HSKK
    HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) assesses the test takers' oral Chinese abilities.
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  • BCT Business Chinese Test BCT
    The BCT assesses non-native Chinese speakers' abilities to use the Chinese language in real business activities.
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  • YCT Youth Chinese Test YCT
    The new YCT assesses young foreign students' abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives.
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Learn & Live In China

  • China China
    China, right now probably the most interesting country on the planet. You have to experience it yourself, and if you don't, then – we promise — you are missing out!
  • Shanghai Shanghai
    Shanghai, with its Bund and futuristic skyline, is drawing attention from all over the world. Situated on the estuary of Yangtze River, it serves as the most influential economic, financial, international trade, and cultural center in East China.
  • Suzhou Suzhou
    Suzhou, also known as the "Venice of the East", is a beautiful water town, located some 100 km west of Shanghai. Its lakes and canals, together with pagodas, stone bridges and meticulously designed gardens have made it one of the most visited destinations in China.

Learning Chinese at Silk Mandarin

We teach with just ONE rule, thanks to our groundbreaking Slow Motion

Our Blended Learning approach guarantees the utmost flexibility

With our Flashcards & Talking Pen learning Mandarin never becomes boring!

Our Clients Say About Us

  • Through over five months of 1-on-1 lessons at Silk Mandarin my experience has been excellent. My teacher was able to help me quickly progress through HSK 3 and has enabled a new level of confidence in my speaking and understanding. I highly recommend the school to anyone looking to make a studious effort to learning Mandarin.

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Courses Institute Justin

    Justin United States

  • Learning Chinese requires real commitment, and Silk Mandarin makes it tangible and actionable for everyday use. The teachers are knowledgeable and patient so that you really feel the progress you are making. What's best is that you develop strong empathy and curiosity for Chinese culture, and have lots of fun while learning. Its a real pleasure learning Chinese with Silk Mandarin.

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Courses Sapna

    Sapna India

  • Over the last few years I have tried over 5 different Mandarin schools and found that Silk Mandarin is by far the best. The teachers and the management are all extremely involved and passionate about teaching Chinese: it really is something special!

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Courses Customer Daniel

    Daniel Netherlands

  • Silk Mandarin was suggested to me by a good friend that has been studying there for some time. All the expectations I had were met: new offices, programs that allows you to have the most effective class based on your level and budget, enthusiastic and well prepared teachers, friendly and always available employees. If I wouldn't have had such a positive environment I would have probably quit Chinese class long time ago.

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Courses Testimonials Pietro

    Pietro Italy

  • I've studied some foreign languages but Chinese is, by far, the toughest one for me. The Chinese mind-set, the pronunciations, the five different tones, the Chinese characters... everything is a challenge. If you propose yourself to face this challenge you will need a lot of self discipline and motivation. Having a good methodology, good teachers and supportive staff will help you to reach your goals. Silk Mandarin gathers all these qualities.

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Lessons Cid

    Cid Brazil

  • Starting HSK3 felt like an impossible and mammoth task. However when I met Lindsay, she filled me with confidence and self belief. I knew no characters and wasn't confident with HSK2 despite passing the exam. Lindsay carefully assessed my prior knowledge to ensure that my lessons were personal to my level and purposeful. Looking back, I can't believe how much I have learned since the beginning of my sessions. My progress is down to the dedication and encouragement that Lindsay gave me throughout the course. I can't thank My techer Lindsay enough!

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Lessons Testimonials from Beth

    Beth UK

  • The classes are great fun and highly effective at the same time. The course is well structured and my teacher takes her time to explain questions and problems that might arise with grammar or vocabulary. She uses the Slow Motion Technique of Silk Mandarin to teach sentence structure. She has patience and is always of good humor. She gives out additional vocabulary at request and tries to organize class in an interactive way. Every lesson comes with a grammar review and vocabulary handout in addition to the course material.

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Course Testimonials from Max

    Max Germany

  • I've been living in Shanghai for over five years and tried many different schools. At Silk Mandarin I've had the best experience by far and always recommend it to my friends that need a place to study Chinese. They make it fun, they care about your learning, and it works…I started around HSK 2/3 level and am now 6. Have introduced many beginners also who loved it and still go many months after starting.

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Course Customer Alex

    Alex Danmark

  • From the very first trial class I was engaged and inspired by the highly interactive and less scholastic approach of Silk Mandarin, but also how each class and stage is highly focused around building upon as well as perfecting the basics of the language. Through this process, I have also reignited my passion and curiosity for Chinese culture, which has inspired me personally to immerse myself in other areas beyond the HSK syllabus. I would thoroughly recommend Silk Mandarin to anyone looking to press reset on their Mandarin language skills, and learn from some of the best teachers in China.

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Course from Ajay

    Ajay UK


  • Community Choice Awards 2018

  • Mandarin School of the Year

  • The Most Valuable Language School in East Asia 2019

  • Voted Best 2019 Language School

  • Voted Best 2019 Gap Year Provider

  • Voted Best 2020 Language School

  • Voted Best 2020 Gap Year Provider

  • Voted Best 2021 Language School

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