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  • Skillful Support from Silkmandarin

    Skillful Support

    Silk Mandarin understands that a professional relationship is the key to success and our account manager will go the extra mile to win your trust, value you company and foster our relationship.

    From the intake onwards our account manager is there to make sure the envisaged goals are being reached in time and within budget. Together with you the Learning Goals, the Roadmap to get there and the Process will be defined. Adequate communication, proper scheduling and clear progress reports will ensure that you always know exactly where you are.

  • Customised Contents of Silk Mandarin Chinese Learning Courses

    Customised Contents

    While a CEO may need but sufficient understanding of Chinese culture and some icebreaking sentences to become effective, an engineer and certainly a marketer may have to go much further to do a proper job. Indeed, different employees have different needs.

    We customize our contents and products into corporate programs that fit your needs and requirements to ensure the goals are being reached.

  • Clever Concept of Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Learning

    Clever Concept

    Our Concept 3 F Learning - Faster, Flexible and with Fun - has already won the hearts and minds of thousands of students. Please feel free to contact us might you want to learn more about our methods and product.

  • Language Training
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    We provide Daily Chinese and Business Chinese courses, and any combinations thereof. Different companies have different language needs and a clear understanding of those needs always is our starting point. Based on your requirements we will assist and advice you in designing the optimal course, often a blend between Daily and Business Chinese, but not necessarily. The training can be enjoyed both Online and Offline, and in case of Offline you can pick the location.

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Language Training Courses
  • Culture Training
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    Based on the needs and feedback of our clients we have designed a course that accounts for the ultimate flexibility. The course consists of separate building blocks, each building block representing a cultural topic in co-creation with you we build your specific company course by combining the right building blocks, into a consistent course. Our Culture Check and Culture Complete can be regarded as the two limits of the course, from answering the most urgent questions to a profound insight into China's culture.

    Silk Mandarin Chinese Culture Training Course
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