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3 Ways to Boost Your Chinese Skill This Summer

Jun.07, 2021

There must be many people who have emphasized to you how learning Chinese can benefit your career and life here in China. As another non international traveling summer is approaching, here are some ideas about how to make the best Chinese study plan for your precious free time.

1. Choose the right path to start

Compared to many European languages, Chinese is a special one. If you don't receive the right guidance when you first start to learn the language, you will soon interpret "special" as "difficult", like many do.

Many students have questions like these:

"Should I also learn characters from the beginning?" 
"Why can native speakers never understand my pronunciation?" 
"How can I learn Chinese grammar more efficiently?"

You should have a clear idea about all these questions before you start this long term "project". Only with the right method will you get the most out of the time you invest. Each step will take you closer to your goal, thus you will always feel motivated and your learning will be more enjoyable, too.

At Silk Mandarin, they provide every student with a professional advice on how to reach their goal together with a practical study plan. If you've had a chance to try learning Mandarin before, take this summer to unlock your Chinese learning journey with them and enrich your life in China!

2. Adjust your learning method when you feel lost

When you first decide to learn Chinese, everything looks exciting. But two months later, you find this seemingly fascinating journey has become a bit difficult and frustrating. Before you know, you lose your motivation and stop your study.

Please remember that there is always a way for you to master the Chinese language. If you feel lost during the learning process, it's time for you to reflect on the problems encountered and adjust your learning method.

But it's never too late to adjust your learning method. Many students have found back their joy of learning using Silk Mandarin's solution. The ground-breaking teaching methodology Slow Motion Technique, the professional multimedia class set up, and the Magical Talking Cards & Pen as a useful study tool have helped thousands of students make a breakthrough in their Chinese learning.

How Can I Learn Chinese Online

If you have paused your Chinese learning for a long time, take this summer to give it another try with a new learning method. Silk Mandarin assures you it won't go wrong this time!

3. Maintain the learning consistency in your busy life

Are you always concerned that you can't combine learning Mandarin with your busy schedule?

Learning Chinese takes time, of course. However, it is much more about planning the time in line with your schedule than about the time itself.

If your schedule allows you to go fast you reserve a few hours per day; if not, one hour or even half an hour per day will do. But once you have made your schedule try to stick to it. Then even a small daily input of time will yield great results in the long run.

In this way, Silk Mandarin believes every professional can learn Chinese while having a busy job at the same time. Yet, now that summer is approaching, why not seize it?

Many Silk Mandarin students use part of their summer holidays to turn to intensive study. It's proven to be an excellent way to consolidate what they have gained from the general part-time course and at the same time boost their Chinese language skill to the next level.

Silk Mandarin is delighted to help you come up with a practical summer study plan to attain your learning goal!

Summer in China will officially start after the 梅雨季 méiyǔ jì (the plum rain season)! Are you ready for another special summer making the difficult also enjoyable? I hope that along with the resurgent life in the city, your passion for China and its luring adventures have been rekindled. Traveling around China is a beautiful choice, but intensively learning Chinese this summer will make an everlasting change to your life, one you will never regret!

I Want to Learn Chinese Language Online

Silk Mandarin Intensive Chinese Program allows you to:

  • Choose the class duration: 2-16 weeks

  • Choose the learning intensity 6-30 lessons/week

  • Choose the location: Shanghai, Suzhou, Online

  • Solve critical communication problems with your daily life, work and travel

Contact us to customize your Chinese study plan in 2021!

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3 Ways to Boost Your Chinese Skill This Summer